Red Cross 143 Program

  • Red Cross 143 aims to develop a network of trained Red Cross volunteers nationwide for mobilization during non-disaster time and rapid response in emergencies and disaster including health and welfare aspects. The end goal of the Red Cross 143 is to have a corps of trained volunteers in the cities, municipalities and barangays of the country that would look into their respective communities.


  • The 143 volunteers will serve as the “eyes, ears, hands and feet” of the community. The 143 volunteers will report to Red Cross, through available and convenient means of communication, their initial assessment and report of a disaster or any eventually that may lead to a disaster. We aim to have 44 volunteers in all the barangays of the community, which means around 1.8 million Red Cross 143 volunteers nationwide.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS for Red Cross 143 Volunteers

  • Willing to render volunteer service anytime, anyplace without desire for remuneration;
  • Physically, mentally and emotionally fit;
  • Able to communication effectively and work well with others;
  • An active community member;
  • Has community network and linkages.



To know what are the possible hazards and vulnerability in your community.


To plan the things, you should do in times of disaster.


To make the community prepared and to identify the essential things to have in times of disaster.


To gather and report essential information to the Philippine Red Cross in times of emergency or disaster.


To respond on the possible needs of the communities (i.e. First Aid, Health and Hygiene, Voluntary Blood do-nation and relief operation.)

RED Cross 143 Objectives

1 leader + 43 members

  • First to Prepare
  • First to Know
  • First to Report
  • First to Responds
  • First to provide relief, recovery and rehabilitate


Out of 11:

 2 = Safety

2 = DMS

2 = Blood

2 = Social

2 = Health Service