Training Rules and Regulation


    1. Before filling-up of registration form, double check if you are available for the entire duration of the scheduled training and amenable to the “RULES AND REGULATIONS”.
    2. Participants below 18 years old and 60 years old above are prohibited to attend the training.
    3. Participants MUST be physically and mentally fit. No presence of COVID-19 comorbidities and have not experienced any flu-like signs and symptoms for the past two weeks up to present.
    4. Secure the PRC Official Receipt after payment and bring the same on the first day of training.
    5. Once paid, click the registration button below and make sure to fill up the online registration form.


    1. Proper training attire: Polo shirt, t-shirt, blouse, close shoes, long pants.
    2. Hanging/sleeveless and plunging neckline shirts or blouse, walking shorts / pedal pants, sandals & slippers are not allowed.
    3. Participants MUST wear their face masks and face shields upon entering the training venue and must bring their own hand sanitizer or disinfection spray. Also, please bring one 2’’ or 3’’ elastic roller bandage.
    4. Participants are encouraged to bring extra shirt as necessary.



    1. Participants are required to report before 8:00 AM. Late, half day or under time will be dropped from the course regardless of the reason.
    2. In case the participant will not be able to make it on the scheduled training date, he/she is required to inform PRC Safety Services before the scheduled training.
    3. For rescheduling, the participant is encouraged to attend the next training session or find someone as replacement. PAYMENT IS NOT REFUNDABLE.


House Rules:

    1. For safety and security, the Rules and Regulations set by the PRC MANAGEMENT MUST BE FOLLOWED.
    2. Give courtesy and due respect to fellow participants and to the trainers. Dishonesty and any violent act is a ground for dismissal.
    3. Observe silence in PRC premises and avoid loitering.
    4. Cell phones must be in vibrate/silent mode during the training and refrain from going in and out of the training room unless he/she has to answer an urgent / very important call.
    5. Maintain/Observe orderliness & cleanliness in the training area. After care is required at the end of each training day.
    6. Maintain cleanliness at the comfort rooms and observe proper disposal of trash.
    7. Strictly no smoking inside the PRC premises.



    1. Present valid ID on the first day of the training and PRC Official Receipt to the instructor/s.
    2. Submit Medical Certificate and Participants Assessment Form (or Health Declaration Form).
    3. Every participant is expected to participate in all activities – mass demonstrations and application of skills.
    4. All training equipment should be handled with outmost care.
    5. All participants are required to submit evaluation form on the last day of training.


Grading System:

    1. For First Aid and CPR/AED, passing grade in both Knowledge and Skills is 75%. Grades below the benchmark would mean non-issuance of the Certificate of Completion.
    2. In case of failing grades, either written or practical exam or both, remedial examination will be conducted by the instructor before the conclusion of the training program. If the participant still fails, participant should retake the whole course.  (Re training would mean another registration fee will be collected less the materials and membership fee).



    1. Certificate of Completion (COC) or License Card will be issued to those who will pass both knowledge & skills two to three weeks after the training.

Violation/s in any of the above rules / policy as applicable shall mean disqualification from the training course/s.

For more info, you can reach us at (072) 700-5161 and 0920-915-3798.