Blood Samaritan Program

Blood Samaritan Program

General Information
Every individual, rich or poor, deserves quality health care. In cases when a patient needs blood for transfusion and be restored to health, the PRC is mandated to provide blood for patients. However, safe and quality blood carries costs that most indigent patients cannot afford. And, though blood itself is free, collecting and processing of one (1) unit of safe and quality whole blood costs P1,500.00.

PRC recovers the costs of blood service operations by charging patients a nominal Blood Processing fees (actual costs only). Unfortunately, the total cost of blood for transfusion is hardly met by an average Filipino.

It has been the experience of the PRC that in most cases, patients need more than 1 unit of blood. Thus, one can imagine the staggering costs an average Filipino would have to suffer for two or more units of blood. In other words, a six year old financially deprived patient may end up dying because of the costs of blood.

Fortunately, there are kind-hearted individuals who are willing to support the health care needs, specifically the blood requirements of charity patients. However, there is no organized system of tapping these kind-hearted individuals.

This is where the PRC Blood Samaritan Program comes to play. The Blood Samaritan Program is a fund drive project that will support the Blood Services of the PRC. While the Blood Services ensure that safe and quality blood is always available, the Blood Samaritan ensures that indigent and charity patients avail safe blood WHENEVER NECESSARY.