The Philippine Red Cross and German Red Cross will be implementing a 3-year project, entitled: “Empowering the Philippine Institutions and Communities in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (EPIC DRRM) Project Phase III”. The project is an initiative funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), which aims to strengthen the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) system in the Philippines.

Project Background

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the consolidation and implementation process of the Philippine Institutional and operational framework for DRRM and to increase resilience of local communities. The specific objective of the project is to strengthen national DRRM system and effective structures with PRC’s contribution through advocacy and meaningful partnership towards effective DRRM implementation in vulnerable communities in the country.

2020 Accomplishments

EPIC DRRM Project Launch – National Level

  • On March 03 to 04, 2020 at Mercure Manila Ortigas in Pasig City, the project launch took place. It was participated by representatives from chapters and LGUs (Chapter Administrators, CSR-DMS/Focal Persons, Chapter Project Coordinators, Community Development Organizers, Chapter Finance Assistants and Provincial Government representatives) from La Union – San Fernando City, Ilocos Norte and Zambales provinces.


  • This aims to 1) Orient PRC staff and partners on the aims and objectives of the phase III of the project; 2) Familiarize project staff on administrative and financial policies and procedures of PRC and donor; 3) Learn about reporting requirements and 4) Create a detailed workplan focusing on year 1 of implementation.

Chapter Level Project Kick-off – Provincial Level

  • The Chapter Level Project Kickoff is the first activity conducted at chapter level to truly mark the opening of the Phase III Project in the local chapters. The kickoff aimed to provide information to the beneficiaries, partners and stakeholders at the provincial level on the goals and activities of the project. The kickoff includes the presentation of activity timeline for the first year of implementation.


  • This activity was conducted in three (3) clusters as consideration to the COVID-19 protocols and limitations in conducting activities. On May 25, 28 and June 4, 2020, the activity was conducted in People’s Hall, Municipality of Luna, PRC Training Hall, La Union – San Fernando City Chapter and Conference Hall, Municipality of Aringay, respectively. It was participated by stakeholders from different government agencies such as Office of Civil Defense (OCD), Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), National Economic Development and Authority (NEDA), Provincial DILG, Department of Education La Union Schools Division Office, Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Officers and staff, Punong Barangays and School heads.

Induction and Basic Volunteer Orientation Course to Red Cross 143 Municipal Coordinators, Youth Formation Coordinators and Municipal Red Cross 143 Volunteers

  • Red Cross 143 (RC143) is a community-based volunteering program of the Philippine Red Cross where 1 leader and a minimum of forty-three (43) member volunteers form part of an active corps of capable, caring, and committed individuals. RC 143 promotes a culture of self-help in communities by developing a formidable network of Red Cross Volunteers who will predict potential risk, plan, prepare, and practice for effective community-based disaster risk reduction.


  • Red Cross Youth (RCY) is one of the services of Philippine Red Cross that is dedicated towards the honing of the youth as agents of change and humanitarian leaders through direct involvement in humanitarian action guided by the humanitarian principles and values.


  • Formation of RC 143 Municipal Coordinators and Youth Formation Coordinators is part of the recruitment and engagement of volunteers to support the fulfillment of PRC’s mission and vision.


  • Induction for official introduction and orientation of RC 143 Municipal Coordinators and Youth Formation Coordinators is part of the recruitment and engagement of volunteers to support the fulfillment of PRC’s mission and vision.

Memorandum of Partnership Agreement (MOPA) Signing

  • A Memorandum of Partnership Agreement (MOPA) is a written document describing a cooperative relationship between two parties wishing to work together on a project or to meet an agreed upon objective. A MOPA serves as a legal document and describes the terms and details of the partnership agreement.


  • The MOPA Ceremonial Signing is conducted consecutive days with other partners and set an appointment with the Department of Education on October 14, 2020 to establish and strengthen partnership between the organization and stakeholders. Also, it officially marks the bond between the PRC and partners, the Provincial Government of La Union, Department of Education La Union Schools Division Office, Municipalities of Luna and Aringay in working together for the achievement of the project’s objectives.

Coordination Meetings with Red Cross 143 Municipal Coordinators and Youth Formation Coordinators with Red Cross 143 Planning Workshop

  • The coordination meeting provides a forum through which RC143 Municipal Coordinators, Youth Formation Coordinators and Municipal Red Cross 143 Volunteers are involved for the planning and reviews of the indicated activities for the year. The meeting aims to provide a mechanism for the participants to discuss and develop a common understanding and goal on addressing issues and prioritizing the needs of their municipalities. This aims to manage the gaps/lapses between the enumerated or planned activities. It encourages the exchange and collaboration of ideas and views to achieve a successful and common goal.


  • For the year 2020, there were two (2) quarterly coordination meetings conducted in municipalities of Luna and Aringay. These were conducted on July 28, 2020 (Luna), August 14, 2020 (Aringay) and the last quarter were conducted on October 26 and November 05, 2020 respectively. They were able to organize a Red Cross 143 Team in municipal level and formulate a Municipal Red Cross 143 Action Plan.

COVID-19 Prevention Session with Lecture Demonstration on First Aid (FA) and Basic Life Support (BLS)

  • Corona Virus Disease 2019 or widely known as COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that can be transmitted from one person to the other through coughing and sneezing. Generally, they cause a mild illness such as the common cold. The alarming and continuous increase of the affected individuals due to the Corona Virus pushes through for the appropriate awareness sessions that will play an integral role in helping to stop the spread of this disease.


  • Thus, the PRC LUSFC Chapter through the EPIC DRRM Project organized this activity to equipped participants with the proper knowledge and actions to be taken if they or a colleague have been exposed, helps them to pre-emptively protect themselves and their community. Furthermore, a lecture demonstration on First aid and basic life support were added to increase the awareness of community people especially responding to emergencies during the occurrence of this pandemic. There was a total of 152 individual reached and provided with knowledge on COVID19 Prevention awareness and First Aid and BLS for the 10 sessions conducted on November 6, 9 to 12, 2020 and a webinar session for schools on November 23, 2020.

Psychological First Aid with Restoring Family Links Training for Red Cross 143 Volunteers

  • Natural disasters in the Philippines are occurring more regularly and have been the most common cause of extreme and widespread destruction coupled with consequent injuries and considerable loss of life. Oftentimes, the survivors are beset with problems which are psychosocial in nature and behavioral reactions related to stress and trauma due to the disaster experience.


  • Psychological First Aid (PFA) is an initial disaster response intervention with the goal to promote safety, stabilize survivors and connect individuals to help and resources. The purpose of PFA is to assess the immediate concerns and needs of an individual in the aftermath of a disaster, and not to provide on-site therapy. Thus, the training on PFA with will be conducted to instill the skills and knowledge to volunteers on provision of PFA to survivors or affected individuals and respond to their psychosocial and physical needs.


  • The first batch took the training in People’s Hall in the Municipality of Luna, La Union on November 18 to 19, 2020 reached 23 individuals trained.

Red Cross 143 & Red Cross Youth Action Planning Workshop

  • A Red Cross 143 Action Plan is a detailed plan outlining actions needed to accomplish to reach one or more goals. It helps people know what priorities need to be done to complete a task, project, initiative or strategy.


  • Red Cross 143 Action Planning is conducted to prepare an action plan to support community’s programs, project and activities reflected on their respective community plans. Through the activity, roles and responsibilities of individuals, groups and organizations involved is identified. This is a participatory approach of planning that is agreed and approved by all members of the team.


  • On December 11, 2020, the planning session for community-based Red Cross 143 and Red Cross Youth Teams in project areas in the municipality of Luna was conducted. This became an avenue for the schools and communities to collaborate and plan for joint activities.

Community-based Health and First Aid Training (CBHFA)

  • The Community-based Health and First Aid (CBHFA) program is a unique approach to improving community health, hygiene awareness and first aid skills. This will empower the community and their volunteers to take charge of their health. The CBHFA approach seeks to create healthy and resilient communities.


  • On December 14 to 16, 2020, (19) Municipal and Community-based Red Cross 143 Health Volunteers from the municipality of Luna, La Union including (2) RCAT143   completed the three (3) days training facilitated by the Chapter Service Representative for Health Services and supported by EPIC DRR Project staff and chapter volunteers.


2021 Accomplishments

January to March 2021 Accomplishments & Highlights

April to May 2021 Accomplishments & Highlights

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